NBK Terracotta presents: B.Hub in Berlin (video)

Directly on the waterfront promenade of the Stralau peninsula and in the immediate vicinity of the important Ostkreuz S-Bahn station, this spectacular office building with loft character is a new eye-catcher. It offers space for young, innovative companies and also has a supermarket, restaurant and café as well as an underground car park.
In order to break up the almost 300-metre-long, seven- to ten-storey block, it is slightly bent several times. In this way, terraces, balconies or loggias can be elegantly formed in the alignments as exit options for the users. The uppermost, set-back levels leave room for attractive roof terraces.
The façade is varied: while the plinth façade has a post-and-beam construction, the shell of the upper storeys is sculpturally designed with pilaster strips and cornices. The cornice bands consist of exposed precast concrete elements, the pilaster strips are clad with white-glazed, fluted terracotta elements, which posed a particular challenge in development and adaptation due to their large format. An extremely large number of different shapes and formats were used for the ceramic parts of the outer shell. The structure and proportions of the façade demonstrate to the outside what one can expect inside the striking new building.

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