Woodnest treehouses in Norway with Pilkington glass: A luxury nature retreat (Video)

Woodnest is an extraordinary treehouse located on the steep forested hillsides of Odda in Norway designed by Norwegian architects Helen & Hard.

There are two treehouses for 4 persons each that you can rent to enjoy Norwegian nature and relax in the luxury environment. Nestled in nature, Woodnest treehouses have electricity, a small kitchenette, high speed wi-fi, bathroom with a flushing toilet and shower. Each treehouse is equipped with floor heating to provide thermal comfort during winter nights.

The cabins with windows in all directions hang in the trees 5-6 meters above the ground. You can look through the windows all the way down to the Hardangerfjord.

To provide good thermal comfort and energy efficiency, windows have been equipped with Pilkington Insulight™ Therm insulating glass units made of Pilkington Optifloat™ Clear in combination with Pilkington Optitherm™ S3 low-emissivity glass. This glass combination is used in the windows on the side of the cabin as there were no requirements for personal safety.

For large windows in front of the cabin Pilkington Insulight™ Protect insulating glass units have been specified made of Pilkington Optifloat™ Clear in combination with laminated safety Pilkington Optilam™ Therm S3 low-emissivity glass providing energy efficiency and personal safety.

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